Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forgot to add some external pics...

I got a bit of a shock when the scaffolding came down and how boxy the house looked, so we'll be whipping up a pergola on the left (north) side quick smart - poor hubby, the list is getting rather long!

The front looks a little odd, especially as the plastic is still on the window frames and the the brick looks quite dark, but its actually quite creamy.  There is also a smashed window thanks to the scaffolders and the garage roof is yet to be tiled.

Lock up and plaster zzzzzzz......

Its been ages since I have blogged! So little is happening its almost embarrassing to write!  I mean, there are bits n' bobs here and there, but nothing earth shattering going on (like us moving in!).  We are now at lock up with the plaster in.  My SS said a few weeks ago that the start of June for handover was likely...oops, a few  weeks later and we are now being told that the start of July at the earliest (where on earth did an entire month go?!!).  I ran into the the lovely carpenter today who happened to of been the same guy who did our first PD build 5 years ago, even he said the guys fitting the stairs didnt turn up today and then he was having to leave my job early to attend someone elses at last minute.  Kerching, another $80  thrown to the wind for a day in lost time - grrrr!  We are approx 10 weeks behind, so thats a lot of $80's! It would be fair to say I am feeling rather bitter and twisted, but amongst all of that I spend a lot of time daydreaming about living there - still spending sleepless nights decorating rooms in my mind. Ultimately I am still really, really excited and it means the world to me - I just wish the builders knew just how much and actually gave a damn!  Oh, and the quote for the bitumen driveway $20,000 - keerrrrrrching!  As if?!  Crushed rock it will be!

Looking from front door up stairwell.  Stairs to be located on the right...if the fitters decide to turn up ;-)

 Looking from the kitchen toward living room and my glorious fireplace!

And back the other way.  Study/music room through the opening...it all looks rather small in print.