Sunday, January 31, 2010

After 6 weeks of waiting...more waiting!


I was sooooo excited once the tradies came back from Christmas break that I even sat in my car and ate lunch while watching them work on the roof (slightly exaggerated - but not wholly untrue!). The frame was completed pretty quick smart and the tiles were up within a couple of days, so I was riding high!  I then got a call...'the bricks will be delayed by about 6 weeks due to a problem with the current batch'.  Oh my lordy!!!  That will be now a total of 3 darn months of sitting and waiting!!  I was given the choice to choose new bricks but realised that by the time they are approved by the estate etc I may aswell have my number 1 choice.  Now, for those who haven't had the building experience before and are just browsing because you simply care about me (!!), its not because I am just an impatient so and so - it's because it costs money to do all this waiting - lots of money!!!  Mortgage payments are being made on a house that we aren't living in and the longer it takes the longer we are paying rent AND mortgage - its just a terrible state of affairs!  So, what do I do while I wait to make it all better, spend even more money and buy a new couch, outdoor setting a several fancy decorator items for the house that still resembles a pile of match sticks!  Yay for me - I am such a problem solver!