Thursday, June 24, 2010

A follow up to the whine...(if only it was just a hangover!)

Hello lovely people! Thanks for your words and stopping by to comment. Well, despite all the below still being true, I must say the re-read makes me sound like a very sore and sorry young lady. Its true that at times this build has been overwhelming but I do realise that once we are in most will be forgotten (but not all!!!). I still stand by the fact that I couldnt recommend PD in future but that is not to say that others have not had better experiences.  I have been very unlucky and I had hoped that there would of been more support or effort to make up time after things had gone wrong, but as I've said, if your build starts to spiral out of control, they are unlikely to attempt to fix it - just pop you in the too hard basket.  To clarify, we are about to expire our contract, and have not already, but we have been told that we should of been in by the end of April, then the start of June, then the start of July and now mid August.  We have been at fix stage since the beginning of May, so that is a lot of mortgage to pay for nothing to happen.  The issues have been trades not turning up, materials just not arriving, trades on holidays, and I suppose a lot of mismanagement and lack of initiative from my SS (he's a lovely bloke though?!) At the end of the day, its just money, I suppose. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No pics...just whining

I've been quiet- the wind has been knocked out of my sails, I am no longer interested, I have many regrets. As you know we built with PD over 5 years ago- they were fantastic. 5 years on, same size house etc. and they suck! There is no doubt that this company is capable but they let themselves down in one big way- they lack respect, any initiative or care for their clients. We are heading toward 8 months with no date in site for completion due to constant delays and a lack of supervision. I have already whinged about spiraling costs, I just felt it only fair to be honest about our experience to make those possibly embarking on a similar journey aware of the risks. Worst part is, I am so stressed that I find it difficult to crack a smile and that's not worth any of this.