Thursday, June 24, 2010

A follow up to the whine...(if only it was just a hangover!)

Hello lovely people! Thanks for your words and stopping by to comment. Well, despite all the below still being true, I must say the re-read makes me sound like a very sore and sorry young lady. Its true that at times this build has been overwhelming but I do realise that once we are in most will be forgotten (but not all!!!). I still stand by the fact that I couldnt recommend PD in future but that is not to say that others have not had better experiences.  I have been very unlucky and I had hoped that there would of been more support or effort to make up time after things had gone wrong, but as I've said, if your build starts to spiral out of control, they are unlikely to attempt to fix it - just pop you in the too hard basket.  To clarify, we are about to expire our contract, and have not already, but we have been told that we should of been in by the end of April, then the start of June, then the start of July and now mid August.  We have been at fix stage since the beginning of May, so that is a lot of mortgage to pay for nothing to happen.  The issues have been trades not turning up, materials just not arriving, trades on holidays, and I suppose a lot of mismanagement and lack of initiative from my SS (he's a lovely bloke though?!) At the end of the day, its just money, I suppose. 


Natalie said...

Hi Elizabeth, I work with your soon-to-be neighbour Paul and he pointed me to your blog as me and my partner are just about to build our first home with Henley.

Just wondering if in your contract it says anything about the builder paying you damages after 260 days of being 'on-site'. It says this in our contract, which is a standard HIA one so I assume most builders have that clause. Might be worth checking out as they should be helping you pay rent for delaying the build by so much.

Good luck! Your house looks great so far :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Natalie!

Its been quite a ride!

PD are just inside their contract by about 10 days (if all goes to plan) as they got extra days added due to delays. I suppose my problem is that I know how quickly it can be built and my dear SS has been painfully honest about what has happened and a LOT was avoidable - it was bad management. Again, there are success stories, so I am reminding myself that I am one of the unlucky ones and in the scheme of the world, its no biggy. I am excited about one day moving in and getting to know my neighbours and planting my feet firmly,once and for all!

Goodluck with Henley, they have some great plans. Let me know if you start a blog - it can be very therapeutic!

Liz :-)

Natalie said...

Hi Liz,
How is your house going? Is it built yet? There hasn't been an update since July so I'm wondering if (and hoping) that means it's complete.

Just thought I'd let you know that I've also started a blog now so you can keep up with our house building if you like. Check it out here.