Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel...

...and there it is, our hallway!  Not such a fab photo but a lovely view to the front is there somewhere (until the house smack bang in the middle of shot will be built!).  The house has been kinda cleaned, enough to give more of an idea of how things will look at the end.  Obviously the painting is yet to be finished.  I am really happy with the tiles even though they will require some cleaning mainetenance (they are a very pale creamy/grey).  The tiles were a small upgrade to the ones that came as part of the house package.  I am pleasantly suprised as I expected these to be one of the letdowns.  I have a couple more pics below, but not a lot at this stage as we have no plumbing, mirrors or carpet in yet so a lot of the rooms are just white boxes.

 Fireplace in the living room

...and then there is the kitchen with the interesting laminate on the back of the bench (anticipation).  I didnt have much faith when it first went in, but I am hopeful that once it is put into perspective with splashback/furnishings etc, it will look lively and fun (whatever that is supposed to mean?!).

Few more issues were picked up such as brick overhang, no sound insulation in walls and the roof tiles are in quite a state.  A couple of errors with positioning of electrical I have made and others that they have made. A few other things, which are to be expected but hoping all will be fixed and will not affect our move in date...which is:

 30th July 2010



◷◶◵◴ said...

Its look great Liz x

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz, sorry I had not checked my blog before now! I had moved in on my birthday - things went pretty smoothly for me - I have just finished reading your blog! so sorry things seem to have taken forever for you! It is amazing to me that two builds not too far apart can be so different! hope things get smoother and better for you!

Natalie said...

hi liz, just wondering if you've moved in yet? we moved in 4 weeks ago!

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