Sunday, January 31, 2010

After 6 weeks of waiting...more waiting!


I was sooooo excited once the tradies came back from Christmas break that I even sat in my car and ate lunch while watching them work on the roof (slightly exaggerated - but not wholly untrue!). The frame was completed pretty quick smart and the tiles were up within a couple of days, so I was riding high!  I then got a call...'the bricks will be delayed by about 6 weeks due to a problem with the current batch'.  Oh my lordy!!!  That will be now a total of 3 darn months of sitting and waiting!!  I was given the choice to choose new bricks but realised that by the time they are approved by the estate etc I may aswell have my number 1 choice.  Now, for those who haven't had the building experience before and are just browsing because you simply care about me (!!), its not because I am just an impatient so and so - it's because it costs money to do all this waiting - lots of money!!!  Mortgage payments are being made on a house that we aren't living in and the longer it takes the longer we are paying rent AND mortgage - its just a terrible state of affairs!  So, what do I do while I wait to make it all better, spend even more money and buy a new couch, outdoor setting a several fancy decorator items for the house that still resembles a pile of match sticks!  Yay for me - I am such a problem solver!


Matt & Dannii said...

Thats a bummer.
You would think in 2010 we would know how to make bricks right???
If they haven't done it already make a request to your building supervisor to have the insulation paper (wrap) put on your walls to keep the weather off the timber for the next 6 weeks while you are waiting. They have to do it eventually so hopefully he is happy to keep you happy.

How stringent are they with the brick colours and roof tiles in Hidden Valley?

Elizabeth said...

Good point about the wrap - might just give the SS a call to see how things are going and just casually mention that!

As for Hidden Valley, well, my first bricks got knocked back - having said that they were my second choice in the likable stakes. The ones I'm waiting on were what I really wanted (problem was they cost 3k more than the others so was hesitant). Kinda glad I was 'forced' to use them but now they are causing me a little bit of agony...:-)

Matt & Dannii said...

It cant hurt to ask.

Yeah we love the look and feel of Hidden Valley. We have been looking around casually for the past 12 months or so at different estates and it is far and away the top of our list. If we didn't have a wedding to finance last year and a honeymoon in 4 months time we would be looking at buying land there shortly. Hopefully we can organise it in about 12 months or so.

◷◶◵◴ said...
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◷◶◵◴ said...

Its HUGE!!! I am so excited for you.

I can't wait to move in ;-)

This is My sisters build in Scotland:


Twiggy said...

I think a couch is a wonderful solution :)