Monday, December 14, 2009


Here are the sticks in 3-D!  I had a ball getting a real feel for the size of the rooms.  The master bedroom with retreat (ahem - watch out, the white trash are moving in!) is much bigger than I had imagined and the living area is a bit smaller - especially once we get the fireplace in.  The framers have got a couple of windows positioned the wrong way around but I've left a message with the SS, so I'm sure that will be fixed in a jiffy! 

On a side note, by golly the tradies are messy!  I'm not talking timber, I'm talking juice containers and crisp packets - they are all over the joint.  I mean, its lovely to see their mum's still make their lunch but its a little unnecessary to flaunt it!  We'll head to the block on the weekend for a bit of a tidy up, I think.

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