Friday, December 11, 2009

I think this blog is more for me than anyone else!

I mean, really - is a day by day account of this really that interesting to anyone but me?  Maybe at the end of all this you could cut out all of the pictures and make one of those flip books!

I drove past this morning after I had noticed the delivery of timber a couple of days before.  While nothing had started, there were plenty of young men moving sticks around.   So this evening I sent Matt up to the block (as I was already in my PJ's, and even though I am from the country I have not got to the point of getting in my car with them on!).  These are the pics he came back with.  It reminded me of those matchstick games you got on the back of the Redheads packets, so I think all the boys were doing all day were playing puzzles!  I just kind of expected my 2D house to finally become a little 3D...I'm not expecting too much am I?!

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